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splat a-tat-tat

a brain megaphone

26 September
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I am not: who I thought I was
I love: quickly
I hate: him
I fear: being left
I hope: for the best
I hear: what you don't say
I crave: affection
I regret: leaving her behind
I cry: rarely
I care: about what you think
I always: look at the other side
I believe: you will leave
I feel alone: and it scares me
I listen: when you think I don't
I hide: from myself
I sing: with the tv
I dance: like a cracker
I write: allot for someone who should be working
I play: like I'm 2
I miss: my mother
I search: for meaning in everything
I learn: from watching people
I feel: like I'm 80, most of the time
I know: everything happens for a reason
I say: things that are forgotten right away
I succeed: in driving myself mad
I dream: about colors
I wonder: if I'm doing the right thing
I want: a chance
I have: a pug
I give: him lots of love
I fell: in love
I fight: myself. alot
I need: reassurance
I am: a contradiction
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